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Finding Work in PEI

There are many ways to find work in Prince Edward Island (PEI), such as visiting job search websites, networking and volunteering, meeting with a career counsellor, or reading the employment section of local newspapers.  PEI's primary industries are agriculture, fisheries and tourism and our strategic industries are aerospace, bioscience, renewable energy, and information technology.  Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the PEI economy. Our labour force requires many difference skill sets creating unique work opportunities in PEI.

Here are some resources that may assist you in finding work in PEI:

Job Search Sites

Industry Related Job Search Sites

Government and Health Job Search Sites

Post Secondary Institutions Jobs

Career Services
Other Resources

Today, many businesses use social media sites to advertise work opportunities such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It may be beneficial to search businesses social media sites to see if they are advertising any opportunities.

Networking is another good way to find employment in Prince Edward Island. Networking allows you to meet new people, and make business connections with others who may be able to provide you with industry information and tips on possible employment opportunities. Networking can be done in a formal setting at a business event, or it may be informal at a social event.
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