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Finding Work in PEI

There are many ways to find work in Prince Edward Island (PEI), such as meeting with a career counsellor, visiting job search websites, networking and volunteering, and reading the employment section of local newspapers.

Meeting with a Career Counsellor

SkillsPEI offers a variety of programs and the support of employment officers to assist unemployed Islanders with in-depth job searches targeting private sector employment opportunities that offer longterm sustainability.

Career Development Services' career counsellors and career development practitioners can help you explore employment opportunities and develop and/or improve job search skills. Career Development Services offices are located throughout PEI.

Job Search Websites

Government Job Search Sites

Industry Related Job Search Sites

Post Secondary Institutions

Networking Opportunities in PEI

One of the best ways to find employment on PEI is by networking. Networking allows you to meet people, and make business connections with others who may be able to provide you with industry information and tips on job openings. The more people you meet and the more effort you put forward to improve your personal and professional networks, the faster you might find employment leads or secure better employment opportunities. Networking can be done in a formal setting at a business event, or it may be informal at a social event.

In PEI, there are many ways for you to make important employment connections and network. Besides simply telling everyone you meet that you’re looking for work (which is a good idea), you can also participate in various networking opportunities found throughout the province. Not only is business networking a good way to meet new people and get your name known by employers, but these events are often fun to attend!

Regions across PEI have their own chamber of commerce organizations, which provide networking opportunities for employers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs, as well as business development and mentoring resources for entrepreneurs.

There may also be an industry association in PEI for you to join. The following resources will be helpful:

Local Newspapers

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