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Student Life

Prince Edward Island (PEI) has safe, dynamic, and active communities, and it doesn't take long for students from all over the world to feel a connection to PEI. Students enjoy studying in PEI for the small class size, the energy of campus athletic and social clubs, and the opportunity to meet many new people. You will enjoy spending your free time in Prince Edward Island bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, theatres, shops, golf courses, beaches, and sports fields, to name just a few of the options.

The largest post-secondary training institutions in PEI, the UPEI and Holland College, have main campuses with full-service amenities including residences, athletic facilities, student lounges and gathering places. Campuses located in Charlottetown are close to downtown, theatres, grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping. Campuses located outside the city may also be located near similar amenities, beaches, and golf courses. Taxis are available and there is a public transit system in some areas.

Testimonials from UPEI and Holland College Students:


Working in PEI: Youth and Graduates
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