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International Recruitment

Hire Temporary Foreign workers

Is a labour market shortage affecting your business and productivity?

Many countries are now facing labour market shortages. This is a phenomenon resulting from aging populations, population mobility, and declining birthrates. The implications of this trend have potentially strong negative effects on national economies, business owners and operators, employers, and the global economy. Canada and Prince Edward Island (PEI) are beginning to see the early onset of these effects.

Federal, provincial, and municipal governments from across Canada are working together to grow the population and labour market and build our provincial and national economies. Resources, materials and programs such as the federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program are available to business owners and operators to help with labour shortages that may be negatively affecting productivity and limiting opportunities for growth.

PEI is already experiencing shortages in some industries, and it is expected that without intervention, this trend will continue and spread to other industries. When PEI employers require specialized skills that are not readily available in the province or where professional supply cannot meet demand, employers may look out of province for talent.

Overseas recruitment can be a key source of new talent for PEI companies. While there are significant and worthwhile benefits of hiring international workers, there are also challenges and responsibilities to ensure newcomers are welcomed and adequately supported both on and off the job. Employers are encouraged to provide orientation and settlement services to assist in the successful retention of newcomer employees.

Office of Immigration, Settlement and Population, responsible for the Provincial Nominee Program, can provide employers with support for hiring internationally, assistance with the formal immigration and recruitment process, and recruitment tools. Office of Immigration, Settlement and Population can also facilitate settlement services such as diversity training for staff, provision of a toolbox for welcoming communities, and tips to improve the preparedness of your worksite for international workers.
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