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Rural PEI

Rural countryside in PEI Living in rural Prince Edward Island (PEI) offers coastal views, quaint independent towns, close-knit communities, and lots of space to call your own. The area outside of PEI's two cities, Charlottetown and Summerside, is referred to as rural PEI or "the country." You can choose to live in a place outside of the city where your closest neighbour is a short walk or drive away, or you may prefer to be close enough to your neighbours that you can wave to them from your backyard.

There are some distinct advantages to living in rural PEI:
  • it's quiet and peaceful;
  • you'll get to know your neighbours and your children's friends and teachers. You'll notice that it seems everyone knows each other:
  • there's a sense of community and pride in the neighbourhood;
  • people are willing to help each other;
  • the scenery is beautiful;
  • often, houses and land are less expensive and property taxes are lower; and
  • you usually get more land than you would in the city.

Rural Action Centres are located across the province in Montague, Central Bedeque, Alberton, Souris, and Wellington to support rural businesses and foster  strong communities.

Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning provides detailed information about the cities, towns, and the rural communities of PEI.

  • The PlaceFinder tool provides detailed information on searched cities, towns and communities
  • The Address Locator tool provides detailed information about specific searched addresses

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