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Adjusting to Life in PEI

When you first arrive in Prince Edward Island (PEI), you will be very excited about starting a new life in a beautiful, peaceful new place. But immigrating to a new country and moving to a new province can have its challenges.

Making new friends, learning a new culture, improving your English/French language skills, and navigating how things are done in a new country can be challenging. But, remember, the challenges are worth the rewards! You have made an important decision and soon you will be feeling at home in PEI.

Guide to Culture and Social Life and Guide to Workplace Culture from the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada (PEIANC) may assist with your adjustment to your new life in PEI.

Common stages of adapting to culture shock from Citizenship and Immigration Canada explains the common stages of adaptation you may feel when you arrive in PEI.

Meeting People and Getting Involved

It is normal that some days you may miss your former home and friends. Meeting people and making new friends in PEI can help ease your loneliness and are an important part of living your new life in PEI.

The following groups and programs are good places to start meeting new people and getting involved in PEI life:

Guide to Culture and Social Life Guide to Workplace Culture

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