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Labour Mobility in Canada

“Labour Mobility means that Canadians have the right to pursue a
career in their chosen profession anywhere in the country.”

  - First Ministers Conference on the Economy, Jan 16, 2009 -

Prince Edward Island recognizes there is a growing need for skilled and educated workers to have fair access to employment opportunities across Canada to keep our economy prosperous. Labour Mobility allows people certified in regulated occupations in Canadian jurisdictions to be recognized and practice their profession anywhere in Canada without further training or testing.  For employers, labour mobility provides access to a larger pool of qualified candidates and a simplified process for hiring skilled workers from other parts of Canada.

PEI works provincially and nationally to reduce unnecessary barriers to labour mobility and to establish an open, efficient and stable domestic labour market. The free movement of workers contributes to sustaining economic growth, innovation, productivity and the improvement of Canada’s overall competitiveness.

The Government of PEI is committed to improving labour mobility, and has signed the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).  The Labour Mobility Chapter of the AIT (Chapter 7) stipulates that any worker certified to perform a profession or occupation by a regulator in any Canadian province or territory should be recognized by the relevant regulatory authority located in another Canadian province or territory, upon application without the need for additional training, work experience, or examinations.  As a result, professional regulatory authorities across the country must compare occupational scopes of practice and competencies to facilitate the free movement of certified workers.

Certified workers have been awarded a certificate, license, registration, or another form of official documentation by a regulatory authority. The certification allows them to work in a regulated occupation in their province or territory.

For more information on Labour Mobility visit Forum of Labour Market Ministers.

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