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Nature and Coastline

Tourism PEI
Living on an island off the east coast of Canada is as wonderful as you would imagine it to be. The air in Prince Edward Island is fresh and clean and Prince Edward Island weather is varied. There are no issues with smog and there are four seasons, so there's always something to do and new activities to try.

   Confederation Trail is a walking, biking, and hiking trail that stretches from one end of the province to the other. It was built on top of the former railway lines that once ran through the province. This trail is also used by snowmobilers in the winter months. PEI Provincial Parks and National Parks of Canada offer outdoor recreation for families, and some are accessible all year.

Prince Edward Islanders care about the environment. There's an island-wide recycling program in place, and renewable energy is a key focus for the province. Many people comment on the cleanliness of the Prince Edward Island landscape.

Sunset in PEI

Summer, spring, winter and autumn
are distinctly different seasons in Prince Edward Island and they are all beautiful.
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