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Cost of Living

Real Estate in PEI In Prince Edward Island (PEI), daily life is affordable and your money can go further.

Housing costs and costs of real estate in PEI are among the lowest in Canada and, as a result, Prince Edward Island has one of the highest home ownership rates in the country. The average price of a house in PEI is $200,000, making it one of the most affordable places to live in Canada.

For $200,000, you can expect to buy a beautiful two storey, three to four bedroom home in Charlottetown with two bathrooms, a fireplace, a garage, and a nice backyard. These types of homes are not difficult to find.

If you choose to live in rural PEI, you can find a quality home for even less money. If you have closer to $300,000 to spend on a home, you could purchase a lovely four bedroom house in a quiet seaside village with acres of land with a view of the water and a large building for storage. Depending on the size, type and location, and availability of property for sale in PEI you could even purchase a farm and grow food or raise animals.

The cost of living in PEI is low and the average family can afford a comfortable life. PEI has a commission responsible for regulating the price of rent, gasoline, utilities, and insurance rates to ensure fair pricing.

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