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Prince Edward Island enjoys a democratic government that works on three different levels: federal (Canada), provincial (PEI), and municipal (community).

As in all other parts of Canada, leaders of government in PEI are elected by the people.

The provincial government of PEI

There are 27 Members of the Legislative Assembly (referred to as MLAs) in PEI. Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected during a provincial election and they meet at historic Province House in downtown Charlottetown.

In PEI, a provincial election is held every four years. The last election was May 4, 2015. Eligible voters are encouraged to vote. If you are 18 years or older, a Canadian citizen and have lived on PEI for at least six months leading up to an election, you can vote.

The federal government of Canada

Federally, Members of Parliament (referred to as MPs) are elected during a federal (national) election. PEI has a strong representation in Ottawa as there are four MPs and four Senators acting on the behalf of Islanders. If Islanders have an issue with a federal service or program, they are encouraged to contact their local MP to voice their concerns.

Elections Canada is responsible for federal elections.

PEI often has a high percentage of voters, and had the highest voter turnout of any province in Canada in the 2011 federal election.

Municipal governments

Many cities, towns, and communities in PEI have their own government to direct municipal services. Municipal governments include a mayor and town council representatives, all of whom are elected during a municipal election. 
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